Social Media

Social Media has been described as “word of mouth on steroids.” It’s quickly become an integral tool for businesses to engage with customers. In fact, it allows your customers to become brand evangelists, basically doing your marketing for you.

But if you don’t know your way around, social media can become a huge waste of time and even a liability. After all, what good is a Facebook page without any fans or posts?

We help you effectively leverage these evolving technologies to reach potential and current customers, as well as connect with partners and vendors who otherwise would not be available to you.

Only a few years ago, there was no such thing as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Now, of course, it’s almost impossible to watch a TV commercial or see an advertisement that doesn’t include the ubiquitous Twitter and Facebook icons.

Social Media Services

Regardless of the platform, we help you engage with your audience effectively.

  • Consistent branding across all networks
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter profile background
  • Consumer engagement
  • Expanding follower base
  • Integration to your website
  • Blogging maintenance and support
  • Blog post copywriting
  • Editorial calendars
  • Copywriting for all social networks
  • Message amplification & distribution
  • Trends, analytics & discovery

Packages & Services

We can tailor packages to meet all of your needs, covering things like setup and planning, monthly services and training. All standard services are listed below and will help you cover the basics of setting up and managing social media accounts.

We understand that one size does NOT fit all, so if you need more or less than what you see in our store, please contact us for a consultation so we can help you establish and meet your goals with a custom plan.

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